The Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority, simply referred to as “LAWPCA” is a quasi-municipal entity responsible for the wastewater treatment system that serves the cities of Lewiston and Auburn and other surrounding communities.


To protect public health and the environment by treating the residential, commercial, and industrial wastewaters of our communities and returning clean water to the Androscoggin River.


Environment – We support federal and state efforts to manage and improve the water quality of the Androscoggin River and are committed to environmental protection through providing the best possible wastewater treatment services.

Team – We respect and value the contributions of our personnel and work to proactively build a competent, effective, and loyal staff while providing opportunities for innovation, growth, and excellence in leadership.

Health – We recognize that a healthy water environment supports public health, including human health and wellness, recreation, and economic goals.

Infrastructure – We challenge ourselves to meet the evolving needs of the future through foresight, specific planning efforts, maintenance of equipment, and overall organizational flexibility and resiliency.

Community – We are committed to visibility, education, and engagement of the public.

Safety – We protect ourselves and others through our dedication to safety, security, and emergency preparedness.